Introduction to eSPEC

eSPEC stands for Supplier Proprietary Electronic Communication. The goal of eSPEC is to electronically transmit Requests For Quote (RFQs), Requests For Cost (RFCs), and Spec Change Notification (SPC) documents along with electronic CAD drawings and data via the Internet and ANX (Automotive Network eXchange) network.

The eSPEC online system (a secure web application) integrates with existing International systems and takes advantage of Internet and ANX distribution and messaging technology. This will allow International to further implement it's core values of speed, simplicity, and agility while providing International and the supply chain with a powerful tool for communication.

Who Should Participate

International recommends that all Corporate Suppliers establish an eSPEC connection. International is committed to improving communication within the supply chain, and replacing current information sharing methods with modern technologies.

  • Suppliers with one or multiple locations (domestic or international) are able to access the eSPEC system, in most cases, through their local ISP.

  • Each supplier should review the International Supplier Network web site (

  • End user access should be determined by business need and functional area responsibility.


To realize gains through better communications with International Truck and the Supply-chain, each Supplier must envision how the use of Electronic Commerce technologies improves an organizations knowledge base.

  • A supplier will be better informed with access to information, day or night, which normally would require assistance from an International employee.

  • Suppliers will automatically obtain electronic CAD data, which allows suppliers to view, and manipulate part data in a more dynamic and efficient manner than traditional paper drawings.

  • Electronic transmission of documents can be accomplished over a matter of hours, from creation at International to receipt by the supplier, instead of a matter of days.

  • Accessing eSPEC on a regular basis will improve supplier’s working relationship with International.

  • Actual benefits will vary from supplier to supplier. All participants will realize improved communications and stronger relationships among all business partners, not just International Truck.